Face Lift


Longevity and gravity make a formidable combination, causing the skin to sag, shrink, thin out and become susceptible to sun damage. A facelift is the perfect solution to an aging face as it unveils natural radiance associated with youth.

Over time, we lose fat, bone and muscle from the face, giving the cheeks an inward curve. By our thirties, aging is heightened by genetics and poor lifestyle habits like smoking and excessive sun exposure. Crow’s feet, loosening of skin in the upper eyelids, creases in the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the nose (the nose grows by 20% of its origin due to skin sagging) and mouth indicate this decline. The ears also migrate downward and grow longer. The white of the upper lip becomes longer and the red of the lips narrower due to bone and fat loss.

Although these signs appear at different times in different people, facial wrinkling and sagging are hard to ignore by one’s fifties.

As a restorative surgery, if expertly carried out, a facelift does not change the fundamental appearance. Reserved for cases of severe skin sagging especially of the neck or the development of a deep nasolabial folds, a variety of techniques are utilized based on individual needs.

A meticulous approach to natural results.