facelift and blepharoplasty

In by mpaulmd

Very happy with recent facelift and upper and lower blepharoplasty (upper and lower eye lids)  for my husband done by Dr. Paul.  My family has known Dr. Paul for many years and he has done work on three different people in my family, always with a great outcomes.  He is a great plastic surgeon AND a great medical doctor, and if you are a smart patient you know that you need both.  His experience includes (i) years of plastic surgery work, (ii) teaching plastic surgery to a new generation of doctors, and (iii) lecturing at conferences in the US, and internationally.  He has trained and taught many of the younger plastic surgeons.  He is very experienced and I doubt you will find many other plastic surgeons that have done more work.  He has a fabulous medical knowledge base and thinks about his patients from both a plastic surgery standpoint and a medical standpoint.  He is kind and comforting and makes himself available to see his patients in the weeks following surgery.  He is never difficult to reach and responds to phone calls and texts promptly.  He is a great guy that provides old fashioned service to his patients.

As for my facelift, I have received many comments from friends, family, and colleagues that I look very natural and a lot younger.  Many people say the surgery has taken 10 years off my face.  There is no stretchiness to my face, and my mouth and nose have not been pulled in unnatural ways.  My turkey neck which, before surgery, drooped and jiggled below my chin, has been restored to what it used to be before I started losing elasticity in my skin and the skin of my neck now looks natural and adheres to the underlying tissue.  The same can be said for my drooping jowls which fell below my jaw line.  My jaw line has been re-established to what it used to be when I was much younger, a straight line that runs from ear to ear, around my chin along the bottom of my face. The area around my mouth and nose has also received a rejuvenation with the mouth being slightly more horizontal (my natural mouth had downward pointing corners), and the grooves that run from nostrils to the corners of the mouth less prominent.

My eyes have opened up.  You can now see my upper lids which had been hidden for years by the wrinkled skin that rested on my eye lashes.  My eyebrows were lifted very subtly and this adds to the effect of the upper lid work.  The puffy bags were removed form below my eyes and it all looks like it is supposed to look, like I used to look before all that living, and working put all that wear and tear on my face.

Excellent work with a great, aesthetically pleasing outcome!  Dr. Paul was able to maintain a very natural/nonsurgical look while also making me look much younger.  I feel better because of it and looking in the mirror is no longer depressing and sad.  And isn’t that what we all want from our plastic surgeons?